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Last week I had a fantastic opportunity to visit Berlin as part of a university trip. Apart from the constant snow fall, I had an amazing time there as there was so much to do, if only we had more time there! I was able to share this brilliant experience with some of my closes friends and had a wonderful time doing so! But I have to admit my favourite part of Berlin would be the Berlin Wall as it was so beautiful and spoke a million words.

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The Bobble

The Bobble is a wonderful creation!

I received my very own bobble last year during my first year at university as my friends knew that I prefer to drink bottle water over tap water and they often saw me carrying large bottles of water from Tescos to my room, which was a little bit of a struggle! Since owning this beautiful bottle I haven’t bought a single water bottle since! Whether it be having water beside my bed or water with me on the go, my bobble is by my side.

Not only is it a great creation but it looks amazing too, it has a sleek design and the filters come in a range of different colours ensuring that the user can have a bobble to suite themselves. However, apart from its brilliant aesthetics, the purpose of the bobble is marvellous itself… by improving the environment as it aims to decrease the amount of water bottles bought by people.

I honestly cannot express how this product has changed my life as it has truly embedded itself into my life, I carry it everywhere I go and it has never let me down since! I highly recommend this product to anyone as it can be used by all!

Buy your very own Bobble here

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Upfragmented is one of my greatest achievements created at university. We worked alongside a great company called Co-oproduct as part of an upcycling project, which encouraged us to venture out into the world to collect used items and create a new product out of them.


This whole experience was a great eye opener as it allowed us to take part in various experimental procedures in order to find the right material to make a new product. I absolutely loved trying out new methods with items I would never have thought to use before…like putting polystyrene cups into the oven, or disfiguring an entire milk bottle in the oven due to the high heat. It was such an amazing thing to witness and document on as it just shows that these materials still have life in them…although the product inside them has completely finished, the packaging hasn’t.

Through the process of experimenting I found that I was deeply drawn to using glass due to its aesthetics and how dangerous it was. Having never worked with glass before I was determined to learn and produce something out of this amazing material.

Upfragmented is made out of reclaimed furniture and used wine bottles shards that were dipped and set into bio-resin.

Upfragmented can now be found on the Co-oproduct website, which also fully explains how I made this stool.


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