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Last week I had a fantastic opportunity to visit Berlin as part of a university trip. Apart from the constant snow fall, I had an amazing time there as there was so much to do, if only we had more time there! I was able to share this brilliant experience with some of my closes friends and had a wonderful time doing so! But I have to admit my favourite part of Berlin would be the Berlin Wall as it was so beautiful and spoke a million words.

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I love the different levels and textures to this piece, its so simple, yet so complex

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parkeharrisonstolen summer

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I adore the simplicity of these pieces, they look like they have their own stories to tell. They look deep.

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Glue Portraits 2010 PVA Glue 100x50cm

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Next Chapter


As some of you will know I’ve recently hit the big twenty…I have moved onto the next floor from nineteen to twenteen. Yes, that is right…twenteen…I am still gripping tightly onto my teenage years until I finally turn twenty one and have no way I can reach back into them.

I am glad to say I am truly bless in the way my life has gone so far and reaching twenty makes me so excited! The !next stage in my life will 100% bring so much more for me and all I can say is that I’m ready for this.

I have an amazing family and a brilliant range of friends who I know will be there to support me just like they have done for me throughout my life so far.

So the only way is up, bring on the next floors in the future because I am ready!

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I was on 28, now I’m on 29.

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Tomás Alonso - surface and surfaceSimple playful furniture that reminds me of the chairs I used to sit on in primary school (in a good way of course) from Spanish born London based designer Tomás Alonso.  This quote from Tomás’s web site really sums up his work for me:

“The very simple aesthetic qualities of his objects reveal the expressive potential of each specific material, which is also his main source of inspiration, conveying an expressive immediacy which makes his products universal and transgenerational. He uses both wood and metal in a sober, soft and practical manner, skilfully inverting the usual way in which these two materials are perceived: wood is reduced to very slender, squared, vectorial sticks, iron is curved, warm and coloured.”

You can see loads more of Tomás’s great design work on his site below, including a couple Camper fit-outs he has done recently. Tomás Alonso is also a co-founder of the…

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